Could BrainHeart Music help you and your family?

A brief look at BrainHeart Music and some of the ways it has been able to dramatically transform and improve the health, well-being and lives of individuals and families who had exhausted all traditional forms of Healthcare and who had nothing to lose by trying this innovative therapeutic music.

BrainHeart Music is a specialised form of therapeutic music created and developed by music composer Punit Yaatri.

Over the years, Punit has successfully helped many, many children and adults - some with very serious health conditions - to regain harmony and balance in their lives just by applying the ancient science and wisdom of healing with music.

It is through these successful case studies that BrainHeart Music has been shown to work by first integrating Brain function (i.e. activating and linking both hemispheres of the Brain) and then connecting the integrated Brain with the Heart, creating enhanced states of Coherence and Empathy.

Fuelled by his passion to alleviate pain and suffering in others, Punit continues to single-handedly research and develop his music with the intention of it becoming globally accepted as a viable and valuable complimentary therapy.


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