You have taken a huge leap forward in your journey towards greater health and well-being through BrainHeart Music.

Download the music

First of all you will want to download the music. You can do that below:

How to use

  1. Download the zip file and expand it to find a wav audio file
  2. Save it to your computer or somewhere safe
  3. Transfer or open the file with your audio player of choice
  4. For maximum benefit, find a comfortable place where you can lie-down, somewhere you will be undisturbed and where you can really relax (whilst listening, it's best to keep your eyes closed)
  5. Listen to the complete BrainHeart Music Symphonic Health Session using good quality (ideally noise-cancelling) headphones on LOW-to-MEDIUM volume
  6. Repeat this process EVERY day for a MINIMUM of 30 consecutive days (positive beneficial effects usually occur within 2 months)

Make sure to listen to the session all the way through each time.

Keep a journal from the very first time you experience this music. Write down ALL your thoughts and feelings before and after each listen. Many changes are subtle and reviewing your journal after a few weeks will help you gauge the effects of this music.

You should begin to see results after a few sessions, but the most profound effects should come after 30 days.

Questions, issues, problems?

We are here to help you get the most from this session.

Why not email us here at BrainHeart Music and let us know how you get on.

BHM Composer