Find out more about BrainHeart Music and what it can do for you and your loved ones.

This presentation from Dr David Mason Brown will take you through BrainHeart Music, how it works, what it has done for others and how it can help you and your loved ones.

Do not give up now. I encourage you to try BrainHeart Music.

I have seen it working and changing lives. It does not have side effects, It does not cause distress. Instead, it causes varying levels of deep peace and harmony as everything is integrated.

- Dr David Mason Brown

You can download the Symphonic Health Session right now.

Within minutes, you could be listening to this unique music and starting your journey to improved health.

By purchasing this symphonic health session you agree to the terms & conditions.

$997 New Year
2020 offer!
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The BrainHeart Music Symphonic Health Session

The BrainHeart Music Symphonic Health Session is a highly specialised and unique musical soundscape that has taken over 15 years of research, development and testing to produce.

The session (approximately 1 hour of audio) rapidly transports you to a new dimension of peace, tranquillity and harmony that you’ll probably not have experienced before.

  • It does NOT contain any manipulative audio.

BrainHeart Music Symphonic Health Sessions are unique and exclusive. They are not available to purchase anywhere else in the world. They are only available here and now at

Simply an audio file

(.wav) for your audio player of choice

The audio file, a simple set of instructions and full support from BHM to answer any questions.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with bone-marrow cancer.

The most important thing for me to say is that the regular blood tests that I had just two years later, demonstrated that the very indicators of cancer in my body, the indicators of the progress of the disease had gone down.

I have not been on any medication or treatments at all. No supplements, no dietary changes, no lifestyle changes.

All I had done is listened to BrainHeart Music.

I’m sitting here now as a very healthy, happy person. I have my life back.

- Katy - Watch Katy's story.

The value of BrainHeart Music

The beauty of the Symphonic Health Session is that you only pay once. A one-time payment for a lifelong remedy.

If you were to hire a music therapist to give you a music therapy session twice a week for three months, it would cost you more than twice the cost of the Symphonic Health Session, and may only last the length of the session.

With this therapeutic session from BrainHeart Music, you’re paying a fraction of the cost and you can have access to this music for your entire life.

You can use it for yourself, for your child, for your elderly loved one or your parent. You can use it in a hospital bed or in the comfort of your own home. Wherever and whenever you need it. The powerful therapeutic aspects of this music are right there for you.

Buy the Symphonic Health Session right now and download the audio file immediately.

By purchasing this symphonic health session you agree to the terms & conditions.

$997 New Year
2020 offer!
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You can still ask us questions.

You might still have some questions for us. Don't worry.

We are here to help you understand the music therapy session.

Why not email us here at BrainHeart Music and ease your worries. We can help you understand more about the music, or answer any questions you might have.

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