Effective, proven healing treatment, that’s as simple as listening to music.

BrainHeart Music is taking therapeutic music to a whole new level. that actually works

Just watch the real-life case studies below of everyday people whose lives were completely transformed by simply using BrainHeart Music on a daily basis.

You will see some of the most debilitating conditions reduced or even eliminated. Things like, insomnia, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity and even auto-immune conditions like psoriasis and arthritis. Even complex neurological conditions such as autism and Alzheimer's (dementia) have been dramatically transformed.

Learn more about BrainHeart Music and find out how you can purchase this highly specialised musical medicine that rapidly acts on the nervous system, creating instant calm and activating the body’s self-healing process.

You will very quickly discover that the value of this therapeutic music is so much more than the price you pay for it.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with bone-marrow cancer.

After the first experience of BrainHeart Music I had my first full night's sleep in over 7 years!

Within 2 weeks of listening to the music, I began to notice that the psoriasis on my legs had started to disappear.

I couldn't quite believe it.

Throughout this time I had not been on any medication or treatments at all. No supplements, no dietary changes, no lifestyle changes.

All I have done is listened to BrainHeart Music.

I’m now as a very healthy, happy person. I have my life back.

It is my wish that anyone who has been handed a diagnosis as severe as the one I received be made aware that the ancient art of healing with music has been revived by BrainHeart Music and is there for them.

If you can open your heart to embracing it then you too can change the course of your life.

- Katy

Introducing The BrainHeart Music Symphonic Health Session:

Take just a couple of minutes of your time to watch the video below.

It could change your life and the life of your loved ones..

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As a baby, Archie had all the characteristics of Autism. He used to be so robotic, and he wouldn’t make much eye contact. He wouldn’t smile, he wouldn’t want to hold your hand.

The change in him has just been... Like a miracle.

- Elspeth (Archie's mother) - Watch Archie's story.

Live the healthy life you deserve.

It could not be simpler to enjoy the Symphonic Health Session.

Just find a comfortable space, listen once a day and allow your body to heal itself.

Both young and old people can listen, and you don’t need to have a serious condition to see many benefits. This treatment can help you with relaxation, stress and anxiety too.

“It's as simple as listening to music.” - Rosemary (Archie's grandmother)

So far, Brain Heart Music has:

  • helped a 4 year old autistic boy speak for the first time and tell his mother he loved her.
  • helped a son who had been silent for 20 years started to communicate with his mother.
  • helped a 70 year old father with Alzheimers to relax, and communicate with his daughters after 10 years of rage and frustration.
  • helped a woman with Asymptomatic Myeloma who hadn’t had a good night sleep in years, sleep all the way through the night.
  • helped a psoriasis sufferer rid herself of the skin condition.
  • And so much more...
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Your frustration and hunt for solutions ends here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy the music?
Just fill out the form above and we will send you an email to confirm your address. Once you confirm your email, we'll send you to a page with more information and the opportunity to buy the music.

Will confirming my email address tie me into payments or commit me to buy?
Absolutely not. You are not making any commitment to payments. You're just confirming to us that your email address is real.

Why do I need to prove my email address is real?
It helps us stop spam and automated signups, and it helps us keep in touch with everyone who is interested in the music. It's also required by law that we have your permission to send you emails.

What happens after I confirm my email address?
You will be redirected to a page which contains more information about BrainHeart Music, complete with the opportunity to buy the Symphonic Health Session. You will also be sent another email with this link, just in case.

How much does the Symphonic Health Session cost?
All of the cost and purchasing information can be found on the page you're directed to after filling in the form. We like to make sure people get all the right information in the right order.

Is the music sent to me, do I download it or is it a CD posted out?
When you buy the session, you get immediate access to download an audio file. There is no CD, and no requirement for postage. The only address that is taken is for your billing details (handled by Stripe).

Will this music help me with insomnia?
BrainHeart Music has helped many people suffering from insomnia over the years. It does this by rapidly calming the nervous system and helping the individual to "switch off". Although there are many situations, experiences and emotional, physical states that can result in insomnia, we have experienced many of these being eased by the regular and repeated use of BrainHeart Music therapeutic music sessions.

Will this music help me with grief?
Yes, BrainHeart Music does help with grief, as well as other emotional states. It does this with no effort on the listener's part - apart from the willingness to lie down in a comfortable place, have your eyes closed and listen to the music gently play through high quality headphones. That's all there is to it.

Do I just listen once?
The Symphonic Health Session works best through repetition so there is a requirement to listen to the specially designed and composed session at least ONCE daily for a minimum of 30 days, but you should start to see changes far sooner than that!

Still not sure?

You probably have questions, and that’s totally fine.

You might also feel like you’re dealing with a lot right now, and one more “miracle cure” probably sounds too good to be true.

Why not email us here at BrainHeart Music and ease your worries. We can help you understand more about the music, or answer any questions you might have.

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